How It Works

Our service is straightfoward and appealing to landlords of commercial properties in England and Wales who are suffering the burden of having to pay business rates on their empty commercial properties.

We have partnerships in place with non-intrusive tenants who are looking for short term rentals and can be occupying within 24 hours of you instructing us. Whilst the tenants we place in your property are in occupation you’re able to continue marketing the property and are able to find a long term tenant for the property. If you do let the property our tenants are able to move out with 24 hours notice. The tenants we place in your property are non-intrusive meaning that you or your potential new tenants will hardly notice they’re there!

Once the tenant moves out you will receive either a three or six month exemption from paying business rates. Once this exemption runs out we’re able to find you another tenant and the whole process starts again.

All we need to get started is a copy of your latest business rates bill and a few signatures. We can be up and running and saving you money within 24 hours.

Only when your saving is confirmed by the local authority do you pay our fee.

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